Electric skateboards are still seemingly new inventions since their reintroduction in 2006 after the first failed attempt in 1997. These devices are gaining popularity among amateur and professional skateboarders due to their numerous benefits including the fact that you do not have to push yourself. An electric skateboard offers a long commute time with minimal input from the user. Further, the skateboards come with a handy functionality that allows the user to disable the motor and ride the skateboard the conventional way. If you are looking to bag one of these amazing gadgets, then you should be on the lookout for a few factors.

1) Range

The range of a skateboard is the amount of time the skateboard can be used before the battery runs out. Typically, the range is determined by the size of the battery. The ideal range is different for everyone since people use electric skateboards for varying purposes. A heavy user who uses the skateboard to commute to work every day would need a high-range skateboard while a light user who skates for fun over the weekend would derive great service from a low range skateboard.

Bigger is considered excellent when it comes to batteries, as larger batteries tend to store more power than small batteries. An ideal range for an electric skateboard is 1 hour 20 minutes. Subsequently, a skateboard with a battery of over 300wh will give a perfect range. Notably, factors such as the user’s weight and height affect the range of a skateboard since higher figures lead to higher battery use and lower range. Consider your weight and height when determining the range.

When factoring in your height and weight, it is vital to pick an electric skateboard that would not buckle under your weight. This is because a skateboard with a low capacity would break down after a few uses yet users should seek durability. You can opt for a board with a maximum capacity of 250lbs to be safe.

Notably, current electric skateboards have rechargeable batteries. It is paramount to know how long it takes to charge your skateboard adequately to guarantee that it will get you to your destination.

2) The Weight of the Board

The weight of the board is an important factor to consider because you may need to carry your skateboard by hand from time to time. This is a common occurrence when the skateboard runs out of battery or when you reach your destination, and you need to store it. A heavy skateboard will turn you into a beast of burden. A 22″ electric skateboard with a weight of four pounds is an ideal size that is portable.

3) Water Resistance

Electricity and water is a perilous combination. However, at times the weather could have different plans for you and your skateboard. It is wise to invest in a water-resistant skateboard to enhance its durability. The belt and pulley drive system of the skateboard should be kept dry to prevent it from clogging up with dirt. Dirt interferes with the braking force and eventually lowers the lifespan of the skateboard. The belt and pulley train requires high maintenance to guarantee its performance and durability.

You can opt for a hub motor or direct drive electric skateboard, which does not have exposed external moving parts. In some boards, the motor is completely covered; therefore, it offers maximum water resistance. Alternatively, you can purchase a skateboard with splash-resistant batteries and engines to enhance protection against water damage.

4) Price

The cost of an electric skateboard is a significant determining factor when choosing your skateboard. Electric skateboards range from price tags of between $300 and $2000. High-quality features such as large batteries and water resistant capabilities come with a hefty price tag. However, you can purchase a durable skateboard at a low price but try to maintain it carefully to enhance its lifespan.

In conclusion, an electric skateboard is a worthwhile purchase that is used to ease the burden of your commute and also provide loads of fun. It is now possible to cruise the streets or neighborhood and comfortably avoid traffic on such devices. The laid-back ease of use means that amateurs can now enjoy skateboarding while professional skateboarders can test the prowess of such devices.