As with all things technology, the home spa products sector has been making rapid progression over the last ten years in terms of consumer availability. Trips to the spa are definitely a luxury privilege, but these days you can bring at least some components of the visit right into your own home. In many cases, you can do so at a rather reasonable price. Here are three home spa products to keep an eye on if you’re a bit of an enthusiast:

Massage Chairs

If you’ve never taken a seat in a massage chair, you’re missing out on a world of wonders. Just imagine a big, comfortable chair that actually vibrates and hits all the perfect spots in your sore body as you just sit there enveloped in the experience.

From a pricing standpoint massage chairs are still a bit on the high end, and they will be out of reach for a lot of consumers. As time goes on and the technology becomes more ubiquitous, we anticipate that this will probably change. For now though, if you can afford one it will certainly be a crowd pleaser at your next party, and it will definitely be a place you find yourself sitting on pretty much and everyday basis.

Infrared Saunas

Another product that has been gaining some traction and market presence in the past decade is the infrared sauna. Saunas have always been a bit of a niche market in the United States. They’re simply not as popular as they are in the European countries where they have been built into the culture for centuries.

Nevertheless, there are consumers in America who enjoy a visit to the sauna here and there. Amongst those people there are certain to be some who are willing to try a new technology, especially if there are benefits over the incumbent technologies. For example, infrared saunas often operate at lower temperatures than traditional steam saunas.

In theory, this means that they could put less stress on your body. They also are generally much more affordable than a steam sauna, putting them in closer reach to a larger audience. You can even get a simple portable infrared sauna to take with you on trips or to store in the closet when you aren’t using it.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are another one of those technologies that used to be out of reach for many American consumers. If you were to afford one it was certainly a big investment. That’s still the case for a traditional style hot tub with all of the best features and build qualities, but these days you can buy an alternative for a fraction of the cost that checks off most of the boxes.

That’s right, you heard that correctly. With inflatable hot tubs you can get almost the full experience of the real deal, and they only run you in the hundreds of dollars. They are surprisingly robust in construction, and as long as you’re not planning on horsing around in there they should last you a good amount of time.

One drawback with the inflatable hot tubs is indeed size. They can fit up to four people, but it likely wouldn’t be comfortable. They’re really best for 1-2 people tops. If you’re planning on having hot tub parties regularly, you might want to consider the real thing.


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