As a dog owner, most people try to be a responsible pet owner. You should feed, shelter, socialize, and exercise your pet as part of your ownership. Many people feel like their pet is a part of the family, and some even treat their dogs extravagantly. Routine care is also important for your pet because it helps them prevent illnesses, live a productive lifestyle, and be active. Having a good veterinarian to take your dog to is also a great idea. However, some people work and are forced to leave their pet behind. The following user-friendly guide will make great suggestions on how to care for your pet when you’re away. 

1. Dog Sitting

If you decide on pet sitting, you must choose an individual that will pet sit at your house or their home, or a land based organization. Individual pet sitting is cheaper than a brick and mortar shop because they’re usually a freelancer. However, a business that sits for your dog is trained and certified. Both of them can watch your pet for a specific time frame based on your scheduling needs. More importantly, a good pet sitter can give your dog one on one time, personal care, interaction with other pets, and the proper feeding. 

2. Home Automation

Many people are using home automation to keep an eye on their pet when they’re away. A pet camera can give you access to what your pet is doing when you’re away. Some cameras feature a 2-way intercom that will also allow your pet to hear the sound of your voice while you’re away. You can give them commands while you’re at the office. Home automation features for your home also include access to your home monitoring system from anywhere in the world with internet access and visuals on your pet from any room with home automation technology. The minimum price for a home automation technology device is $59.00. 

3. Dog Walking Service

You can get a dog walking service and have someone come over and walk your dog. In today’s society many people don’t feel comfortable about giving someone their key. However, home automation can allow you to unlock your door from anywhere with internet connectivity. You can also make dog walking and feeding your pet a summer job for a young adult. If you decide to go with a dog walking service, make sure it’s someone responsible enough to care for your pet. Listen to your pet and watch any negative behavior they may have with a particular pet sitter.–715931672019234088/

What The Experts Are Saying About Caring For Your Pet While You’re At Work

According to an animal survey taken in 2005, 74 percent of all pet owners feel guilty about leaving their pets while they work. Unfortunately, bringing your pet to work is not an option for everyone. You can make it work in any case but you have to take some precautions. If you’re on a budget, leave enough entertainment available for your pet to keep them entertained while you’re away, give them plenty of exercise before you leave for work, and leave out enough food and water. Consider the breed that you’re getting which may be prone to separation anxiety before you choose a dog to take home. However, the experts say; eventually pet owners will let go of their guilt and trust that their pet will be fine. 

You could also consider working from home as an alternative which can help you better care for your pet while you work. If you’re not sure about how to care for your pet while you hold down a job, you can talk to an expert. They can access your situation and the needs of your pet to come up with a professional solution that will accommodate you and your beloved pet companion. There are millions of people like you that own pets and are trying to juggle work and being a responsible pet owner. You’re invited to browse other online resources to help you decide how to care for your dog while your’re at work.


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